Where to buy vinyl records

There are a plethora of charity shops in the UK.  Almost every High Street has a number of these shops selling vinyl records. Within them there is still an outside chance you could pick something up that has a real value.  Surely old records are a challenge worthy of the pursuit. Other places you might find it helpful to begin your hunt are boot sales and antique fairs.  Occasionally the owners don’t know just what the value is of what they’re attempting to sell.  Pick up a bargain. However many people that run stands in flea markets and antique fairs are savvy and they do have an idea of what items are worth, so it is likely you could end up paying more than the worth of the record.

Nevertheless, you may find deals at flea markets, antiqueRecord shop selling vinyl records fairs and charity shops if you have artist or a record in mind.  Vinyl record shops are becoming more common but are often tucked away and not in the main shopping areas.  Expect to pay top dollar in these. The one benefit of a shop like this is that there’s an excellent chance you’ll locate the record you’re especially searching for, at a cost. Another option is look on the Internet.  Plenty of sellers with a good range of titles at a good cost. No shop overheads.  Discogs is probably the best source of vinyl records with sellers around the world , however the images are not of the actual records you are buying.  Read the description and condition carefully.  Also check the postage. Ebay is another source of vinyl records but some sellers are not dealers and can over-grade the records considerably.  Musicstack is another source of very good vinyl records, less popular than Discogs so you could pick up a bargain.